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The Great Race: Beverley to Heathrow Check-In Desk part 2

Mar 19, 2024

In this exciting race from an address in Beverley to the check-in desk at Heathrow Airport, our three contenders set off at the same time with their chosen modes of transport. Let’s delve into each journey and see who emerges victorious:

Ian – Taxi and Train

Ian starts his journey by quickly hopping into a taxi waiting outside his address in Beverley. He has booked this for 30 minutes before his train. The taxi swiftly navigates through the town’s streets and drops Ian off at the train station just in time to catch the train to Doncaster. There he changes trains to London Kings Cross. A short walk to St Pancras Underground and the Picadilly Line to Heathrow Airport. Ian relaxes on the trains, watching the scenic countryside pass by, apart from when he had to lug his heavy suitcase changing trains at Doncaster and Kings Cross St Pancras. All in all it has taken him just over 5 hours.

Bill – Self-Driving

Bill jumps into his car parked in front of his house and sets off towards Heathrow Airport. He encounters some traffic along the way but manages to navigate through it with ease, taking advantage of his knowledge of the local roads. Bill enjoys the freedom of driving himself, adjusting his speed and using satnav to guide his journey. Of course, Bill can’t drive to the check-in desk. He has to go to the Airport Parking, and then wait for the shuttle bus, which puts another 30 minutes or so onto the journey. All in all it takes him just over 4 hours.

Lorna – Chauffeur Service

Lorna steps out of her house and gracefully enters the luxury vehicle waiting for her. The chauffeur greets her with a smile and ensures a smooth and comfortable ride to Heathrow Airport. Lorna reclines in the plush seat, savouring the VIP treatment as she glides effortlessly towards her destination, getting there in three and a half hours.

Winner and Results

After an intense race, Lorna arrives at the check-in desk at Heathrow Airport first, half an hour ahead of Bill. Ian’s combination of taxi and train meant that he took third place, and he swore never to take that much luggage on the train again.

Congratulations to Lorna on her impressive win, and well done to Bill and Ian for their valiant efforts in this exciting journey from Beverley to Heathrow Airport!

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